Cancer Care:
The RGCC Revolution
On Demand Event

5,00 TTC

This was a once in a lifetime Healthy Tuesdays event featured
Dr. Ioannis Papasotiriou, genetics pioneer and founder of The RGCC Lab, and Dr. John Hall, research director of The Beljanski Foundation. The two discussed and shared crucial information for anyone interested in how to fight cancer.

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Meet The Speakers

Dr. Papasotiriou

  • Genetics Pioneer
  • Founder of the RGCC Laboratory

Dr. Hall

  • Research Director
  • Alternative Medicine Expert

Powerful points shared by
Dr. Ioannis Papasotiriou & Dr. John Hall:

Dr. Ioannis Papasotiriou

  • RGCC tests Circulating Tumor Cells of cancer patients to identify the best treatment strategy; whether it is chemotherapy, natural plant extracts or a combination of the two.
  • RGCC is personalized medicine that now includes advanced tumor profiling, diagnostics and therapies.

Dr. John Hall

  • A product containing a combination of Pao pereira, Rauwolfia vomitoria and Golden Leaf of Ginkgo Biloba (OnKobel-Pro®) performs very well in the RGCC tests compared to other natural products.
  • Pao pereira, Rauwolfia vomitoria and Golden Leaf of Ginkgo Bilboa, each with specific anti-cancer effects, target the Cancer Stem Cells that define Circulating Tumor Cells. This makes the extracts and the RGCC tests an excellent match.

100% of the proceeds from the event will go to The Beljanski Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3), to help fund anticancer research to cure cancer the natural way.


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    Fournisseur exclusif de Pao Pereira, Rauwolfia Vomitoria, extraits de Ginkgo Biloba, thés et fragments d'ARN utilisés par la Fondation Beljanski pour la recherche scientifique. Découvrir X